Tomato Red

Novel by Daniel Woodrell. Adapted for the screen by Juanita Wilson. TOMATO RED tells the tale of two siblings, Jamalee and Jason Merridew, and their ex-con sidekick Sammy Barlach. For Jamalee, her hair tomato red suitably matching her rage and ambition, their small town American life just won’t do. Jamelee’s dreams are made in Hollywood, among tuxedos and palm trees. Jason, blessed with drop-dead good looks, is the local object of female obsession and their ticket out of town. However the hills and hollows of the Ozarks can be a very dangerous place. Sammy is meant to be the muscle Jamalee and Jason need to get out, but not even he can protect them from everything.

Planning to shoot June 2015.


Skippy Dies

Novel by Paul Murray. Adapted for the screen by Stuart Carolan. "Do you think parents pay ten grand a year so their kids can learn about futility and anarchy? Paul Murray's Booker long-listed novel is an epic black comedy of love, death and growing up in a very dysfunctional modern Ireland. Set against the backdrop of a prestigious private Catholic boys' school, the book begins with the death of its eponymous hero during a doughnut eating competition and then goes back to trace the complex tangle of relationships and events that lead up to the tragedy.


The Ones You Do

Novel by Daniel Woodrell. Adapted for the screen by Juanita Wilson. "It's like the dyin' old men all over the world will tell you - when you get aged and rackety and think back across your entire life span, why, it ain't the ones you do you regret, it's the ones you don't." THE ONES YOU DO tells the story of John X Shade, aging Lothario, inveterate gambler and one-time pool hall king of the Deep South. When John X's much younger wife Randi skips out on him stealing forty seven thousand dollars that he was minding for a local gangster, he is forced to go on the run with his ten year old daughter Etta.



WITCHFINDER is a dark period drama and tells the story of John Stearne, an ordinary village blacksmith exiled from the Kingdom of Heaven and cursed to walk the earth fighting Satan’s works in the hope of finding redemption.  His quest begins when he finds himself at the heart of the instigation of a witch trial. By the time he realises that he has made a terrible mistake more than twenty women are dead because of him and he has lost everything, including his faith.  Cut off from society and tortured by guilt, he wanders the land seeking to fight the “real” influence of Satan, dogged every step of the way by his erstwhile assistant, the monster he has created, the vicious Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins. Between the years of 1644 and 1646 Hopkins and his gang were responsible for the torture, hanging and burning of over 300 innocent women. 


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