About Octagon Films

Founded by Morgan O'Sullivan, James Flynn and Juanita Wilson, Octagon Films Limited is a multi-disciplined production company that brings over 14 years' experience on over 70 feature film and TV series / projects. 

Either as an official co-producer or production services provider, Octagon Films has long-established relationships with local crew and funders and is a focused team highly motivated to ensure that foreign co-producers and/or incoming productions have a positive experience filming in Ireland.

These services extend not only to securing Section 481 investment and, where applicable, other sources of local investment, but also script review and location assessment, production budgets, schedules, recces, legal and financial support and establishment and management of the project-specific Irish production to produce and deliver the qualifying film.

Production Services Summary

  •  Executive production management.
  •  Full guidance re location recces, clearances, cast and crew contracts.
  •  Experienced local cast, crew and talent selection.
  •  Legal and financial documentation processing and compliance in relation to the Irish production financing.
  •  Formation of the project-specific Irish production company including its audit and liquidation upon project completion, delivery and acceptance.
  •  General production services including the analysis of the eligible spend component of a qualifying project whereby one can raise up to 80% of the production budget by way of Section 481 investment.

Octagon Films

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Bray, County Wicklow


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